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Cisco Italia has new CEO

The new CEO of Cisco Italia, Gianmatteo Manghi, has defined his vision for the near future: the value of people, digital transformation, and sustainability.

The fastest period of change ever awaits us: Italy will be profoundly different in the coming years. The acceleration of digitalisation and the affirmation of sustainability, within a European framework that amplifies and supports these transformations in order to base the relaunch on them, will have an unprecedented impact. With our work, which is to make technological innovation, we can make a concrete contribution to fair economic and social development, keeping faith with our mission which is to create a more inclusive future, for all.

Manghi's strategy is based first and foremost on a very simple principle: "If we take care of people, people will take care of the company and its mission".

Manghi, retracing the last twelve months of Cisco Italia, underlines the potential of the cloud to enable innovation and digital transformation.

It is first of all a transformation of Cisco itself, which in 2020 generated 51% of its turnover from this type of offer, with a path of innovation that sees an increasing integration of these elements also in the evolution of the hardware offer.

GreenVulcano Technologies

Gaetano Rossi joins the GreenVulcano technologies team, an important B2B player in smart mobility, as well as one of the most active research and experimentation laboratories of hi-tech Made in Italy in different sectors.

The great challenge for the company is played around the concept of telematics applied to automotive and fleet management. This sector globally will increase from $46,070 million in 2021 revenue (GreenVulcano Technologies processing on MarketWatch data) to $121,550 million in revenue expected by MarketWatch for 2026.

GreenVulcano Technologies' projected growth is 15% annually, constant for the next 5 years.

Analyzing individual countries, the United States will still be the leader with a market share of 34%. But the European Union, with 29%, ranks second, surpassing China, which is third with 13%.

As MarketWatch notes, in this sector 46% of the market is linked to just 22 top players, and among them, there is also a company of which GreenVulcano Technologies has been a partner for years. Together they deal with vehicle telematics on behalf of one of the largest car-sharing companies present in Italy.

Food supplements with aloe: the EU stop to some substances

In the area of food supplements, there is a great deal of turmoil after the European Commission has stopped the derivatives of hydroxytracene, which are naturally present in aloe and seine.

In practice, the ban seems to cover a large part of the food supplements with aloe that has had a huge spread in recent years, in Italy and beyond. The reason for the stop, explains the EU Commission, is that the European Food Safety Authority "found that the derivatives of hydroxysytracene aloe-hemodine and hemodine and the structurally similar substance dantrone proved to be genotoxic in vitro”.

The most valuable part of the aloe is the inner part of the leaf that does not contain hydroxystracenes; in Italy, this market, referring to the year 2020, represented about 70% of the total market of aloe products used for oral use and is equivalent to about 4.4 million packages sold. The remaining 30% is mainly used to regulate intestinal transit (constipation) and may contain hydroxytracenes; these are the products that must be controlled and withdrawn from the market if they do not comply.

Italian IDRA’s Giga Press helps Elon Musk

Musk wanted to introduce a simplification in the production of the body of his Model Y. Tesla managed to produce a one-piece body instead of the more than 70 previously used printed and welded pieces. The difficulty was the molding of a piece of such dimensions. The answer was GigaPress, the world's largest aluminum die casting machine. Each machine has a weight of 410-430 tons and can exert a force of over 6 thousand tons.

The Giga Press - recently also entered among Wikipedia entries - injects molten aluminum into the cold chamber casting at a rate of 10 meters per second. The metal alloy is then pushed into a mold; when the finished piece has solidified, the mold is opened. The mold, after opening, is cooled and cleaned by robots, and after about 2 minutes a new cycle can start with the next aluminum casting.

The Giga Press is made by the Brescia-based company Idra, which has collaborated directly with the company of Elon Musk. Giga Press has now been installed both at the California plant in Fremont and at the Gigafactory in Shanghai. Additional Giga Press will be installed at the new European plant in Berlin and in Austin, Texas, from where the Cybertruck pickup truck and the Semi truck will come out. Even larger Giga Press, with a force of 8,000 tons, will be used for mass production of the long-awaited Tesla Cybertruck.

Analysts have quantified that this new production process allows 40% cost savings of the Model Y. Of course, the quality also increases, as the use of the Giga Press allows you to avoid the problems of aligning and assembling numerous smaller parts.

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